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    On the market

    ► € 2.40 per hour, to be paid by the hour.

    ► Free from 18:00 in the evening until 09:00 in the morning.

    On Sunday continuously free.

    NOTE: From now on it is on Saturday night

    Paying parking until 20:00

    No parking on Tuesdays because of the fresh market.

    P2 Hepperpoort

    Above ground, accessible via the Boomgaardstraat.

    ► 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

    1 € /hour, to be paid per 2 hours.

    P3 Kloosterbempden

    Underground, accessible via the Koning Boudewijnlaan

    ► 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

    ► € 8 /24 hours.

    Via our special day tickets: € 5/24 hours.

    These tickets are ONLY available at our reception.

    Covid 19 measures


    - Cancellation is free of charge until 10 a.m. on the day of arrival.


    - Breakfast is served in the brasserie or on our terrace. At present, we do not work with buffets, but breakfast is ordered and served at the table.

    Hotel hygiene

    - There are several disinfection points in the hotel. All individuals entering the hotel must disinfect themselves here regularly.
    - A mouth mask is compulsory in all rooms except your own if you are in this room with your family members belonging to your bubble.
    - All individuals entering the hotel are expected to keep 1.5 m distance from any person not belonging to his/her bubble.

    Room hygiene

     Our staff will not enter your room unless:
    - they come to bring your meal, breakfast and/or drink.
    - they come to clean your room.
    During this visit, our staff will always keep a distance of 1.5 m and wear a mouth mask. This visit will also be kept as short as possible.
    If you do not want our housekeeping staff to enter your room during your stay, please indicate this at check-in.

    At the entrances and exits of the hotel, we will post this information clearly and unambiguously so that all individuals entering the hotel are aware of the measures in place. All individuals who do not abide by these rules will be expelled from the hotel.